Static IGBT Voltage Stabilizer

A high-performance Static IGBT Voltage Stabilizer regulates grid fluctuations in the best way possible. With adequate regulation speed (1000 V/sec.) and full protection, by compensating the difference between phases as well as voltage fluctuations, it ensures the connected systems to operate reliably. Since the output voltage tolerance is ±1%, electronic stabilizer is an ideal solution to secure electronic load.  However, for applications that the network voltage changes momentarily and frequently (between 20VAC and 50VAC) the mechanical servo motor will move continuously and because of this, the risk of a breakdown goes up and the regulator’s speed might turn out to be insufficient. In cases of the network voltage changes momentarily and frequently, an Electronic Stabilizer could be the solution.

In such cases, there is no risk of a mechanical breakdown since electronic stabilizers do not have any  moving parts. They also yield better results in comparison to servo stabilizers, due to the fact that their regulation speed is 1000 V/sec. and output voltage tolerance ±1%.

Therefore, electronic stabilizers should be used applications where the network voltage changes frequently and for sensitive & critical machinery that needs high speed regulation and electronics devices. Servo stabilizers are more suitable for general applications (lighting, modulation of plant/building voltage, non-critical loads etc.), yet electronic stabilizers are still essential to counterfrequent and momentary changes in voltage during such general applications as well.